[whatwg] More YouTube response

Kornel Lesinski kornel at geekhood.net
Tue Jul 6 07:41:28 PDT 2010

On 6 Jul 2010, at 15:24, Marques Johansson wrote:

> A 200 response or partial 206 responses that returns less than the full requested range is not handled by browsers in a consistent or usable way (for this purpose).  Only Chrome will continue to fetch where the previous short 206 response left off (request 1-10, server replies 1-5, request 6-10, server replies 6-10).  The HTTP spec isn't clear about whether UAs should take this behavior - and so they don't.

It might be easier to get that fixed in browsers, than to get spec+implementation of a completely new feature.

> Some UAs request video without sending "Range: bytes 0-".  The server has no way to negotiate that the UA (a) must use ranges to complete the request or that (b) the range requested is too large, retry will a smaller range.

You could respond with HTTP/1.0 and close connection. You could split movie into separate video files and hide that fact in the player's UI (sort-of like Apple's HTTP live streaming).

regards, Kornel

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