[whatwg] Firefox 4 Beta 1

Schalk Neethling schalk at ossreleasefeed.com
Wed Jul 7 03:38:31 PDT 2010

Hi there everyone,


Downloaded and installed the first beta of Firefox 4. To the folks at
Mozilla that is on here, what an awesome job. Love the new look and it IS
very fast. The reason I mention Firefox 4 is because, on the welcome screen
you get after installing the browser, you have the option to view a video
introduction to Firefox 4, nothing strange here but, first the video format
is WebM, which is awesome, the other thing, and this is the main reason for
this mail, if you right click on the video there is a context menu option
for full screen.


Upon clicking that, the video goes into full screen mode and it does this, I
must say, very nicely. I also noted that in full screen right clicking is
disabled. With the discussions around full screen HTML5 video as well as
content protection, it seems Mozilla has made some progress. Am I correct in
saying that they keep running HTML5 video 'mode' when going to full screen
or do they somehow switch to Flash?


Would be pretty amazing if they do switch to Flash as the video continues
playing from the same frame and does not start from the beginning.


Looking forward to your feedback,

Schalk Neethling


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