[whatwg] HTMLMediaElement timeupdate when starting new load

Chris Pearce chris at pearce.org.nz
Thu Jul 22 20:43:02 PDT 2010

  In the media element load algorithm [1], step 4 resets the current 
playback position to 0 if the media element has a previously or 
partially loaded resource. I think we should send a "timeupdate" event 
if this causes the current playback position to change. This is makes it 
easier for controls UI to keep their playback positions up-to-date with 
the actual playback position, and it makes sense to send a timeupdate 
event since we are changing the current time.

You could argue that sending a timeupdate event in step 4 of the load 
algorithm is implied by changing the current playback position, but the 
spec is explicit everywhere else that we send timeupdate events, so it 
would be nice to be explicit here too.

All the best,
Chris Pearce.


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