[whatwg] HTML5 Input (Color)

Leo Dutra ™ leodutra.br at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 12:50:15 PDT 2010

Hello, everyone.
I were asking myself about HTML5 input with type "color". I'm a brazillian
developer and I see a huge problem with the new input type. The problem is
that RGB color names are expected to be written in English. This is not a
good, or even, usability. I'd like input type="color" to work for any
language without "porting acrobatics". So I have a new idea.

What about a color picker, and no more langs? ARGB or RGBA (with option to
restrict to RGB, maybe other restriction patterns). It's independent of
language, easy to implement and much more usable. Social themes, HTML5 slide
sites, RIAs, and all. Imagine the power of picking any color natively and
send a 0xff00ff00ff to the server.

It's still draft, and time to don't twist the web again.

Peace for us all, and a giga hug.
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