[whatwg] Why there is no wrap="off", intentional or forgotten?

Oldřich Vetešník vetesnik at mrmil.cz
Wed Jun 2 03:51:43 PDT 2010


I'm missing the wrap="off" value for textarea wrap attribute; is there any  
particular reason why this is not part of HTML5?
Currently the only values mentioned are "soft" and "hard":


"The wrap attribute is an enumerated attribute with two keywords and  
states: the soft keyword which maps to the Soft state, and the hard  
keyword which maps to the Hard state. The missing value default is the  
Soft state."

However, I'd like to use wrap=off because I don't want the lines to wrap.  
(Like when you have a HTML in textarea.)
I haven't found any other way to "force" this behavior (yep, I tried  
white-space: nowrap;).
I tested it in all major browsers on Windows and it works, it just won't  
validate. :)

<textarea cols=50 rows=10 wrap=soft></textarea>
<textarea cols=50 rows=10 wrap=hard></textarea>
<textarea cols=50 rows=10 wrap=off></textarea>
More at http://server.ebrana.cz/olda/_apps/html5/textarea-wrap.html

There is also no mention in the spec about wrap=virtual and wrap=physical  
back from the days.


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