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On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 12:24 AM, Aryeh Gregor
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> On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 2:29 PM, narendra sisodiya
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> > Case 1 - Abode can make its flash-player inside canvas API. I know, it
> will
> > not be 100% compatible. They can create a CanvasAPI based flash player.
> > Their are already  2 client side run time engine in JavaScript -
> Smokescreen
> > and Gordon - http://twitter.com/jdowdell/statuses/14985295733 , Biggest
> > advantage with JS and client side is that you can see sourcecode. In
> order
> > to hide the source code , Adobe can use server side. Some processing will
> be
> > on server side and output will be streamed (in form of image) to client
> side
> > and renders into CANVAS area with pixel. You can grab event from canvas
> area
> > and send bacl to server. This way Developer may come up with a Server
> Side
> > HTML5 toolkit which will reuse BAD standards like flash with Hiding
> Source
> > code of a Web Application . Adobe or other companies can modify their
> > products and generate server side HTML5 code which will render the
> > application CANVAS API.
> > A huge number of dummy developer use such non-standards tools and with
> this,
> > they will be able to reuse skills by this and will not adopt a true
> spirit
> > of HTML5.
> >           So, This I do not like,,,--> ''designer/developers will be
> using
> > non-standard server side code, generated from non-standards ToolKits, and
> > pretend that we also use HTML5"
> The goal of HTML5 is that all browsers and platforms should be able to
> display all web pages, without dependence on any particular software
> vendor.  If a company like Adobe writes a framework using
> cross-browser, cross-platform, openly specified APIs, we're in a far
> better situation than now.  It would really be no different from
> jQuery.
Yes, sure, I love to advocate adobe/similarcompany and modify my video -
http://tinyvid.tv/show/2dz18ka146nfz , Provided they should do it in Client
side so source can be seen.* Providing a server side or similar rendering
system which use 'Canvas' for displaying everything inside canvas from
server side is as bad as flash player/plugin.Web may be hidden again under

> Furthermore, it's not *possible* to prevent anyone from writing
> toolkits that use HTML5 features.  Or do you have any suggestions to
> stop it?

We can't stop anyone. Advocate SVG and making SVG-animation support with SVG
animation authoring tools is a good way to reduce 'server side canvas

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