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Biju bijumaillist at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 16:25:10 PDT 2010

On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 5:07 PM, Mike Wilcox <mike at mikewilcox.net> wrote:
> I sincerely hope developers' needs aren't made secondary in such debates.
> While I appreciate proper browser security, in some cases it forces us to
> just look for workarounds to circumvent the security. The lack of fullscreen
> is a serious issue for us as we deal with clients and superiors who ask us
> to replace the Flash video player with an HTML5 video player... only to have
> us go back to them and say "Here is the cool player with custom controls...
> sorry, you can't do fullscreen though, it's not allowed". The obvious
> response to this is "Flash can, why can't HTML5?" and "well, let's just use
> Flash then."

Actually a web developer can already implement a HTML5 VIDEO
FullScreen solution for Firefox.
(Hope same can be with other HTML5 Browsers)

Here are the steps
* Provide a full screen control button.
* Popup an overlay message is asking
   "Please confirm by pressing F11 key if you want to go Full Screen Mode VIDEO"
* watch for window.onresize event
* on window.onresize event
   - check we are doing the "overlay message" for FullScreen
   - then if window.fullScreen=true make the video big as window
client area positioned topleft of th epage

* Additionally on window.onload if window.fullScreen=true then ask
user if he want to do full screen.

Bugs on this subject

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