[whatwg] XSS safe templating

Mike Samuel mikesamuel at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 10:15:53 PST 2010

Hmm.  It occurs to me that many libraries -- at least jQuery and
prototype have their own layers in between their users and the DOM.
When I cooked up this scheme, I didn't know how likely proxies and
ephemeron tables were to make it into ES Harmony, but I think Andreas
Gal just implemented (both? or just ephemerons) in a tracemonkey
nightly.  Those are all you need to do a really efficient
interposition layer, so libraries are probably not going to stop doing
So I think the non-document.write portion can be implemented entirely
in the library interposition layer.

document.write can be wrapped.  But the wrapper would still need to
know the insertion-mode.
If the insertion mode were exposed, or at least some context were
given -- enough to know whether the next char if not something that
changed the current token, would be interpreted as
  * inside a tag
  * outside a tag in a comment / application instruction / doctype
  * outside a tag in a PCDATA/RCDATA/CDATA context and ideally in what
kind of containing tag
  * outside a tag in a CDATA section.

So maybe some kind of
  (DOMString|null) document.getInsertionMode().

2010/3/10 Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky at mit.edu>:
> On 3/10/10 12:45 PM, Mike Samuel wrote:
>>> FWIW, in Gecko currently, the stringification happens a few abstraction
>>> layers away from the parser, so implementing your suggestion would involve
>>> punching holes in those abstractions.
>> Ah, so there's a layer that sits between the XPCOM object and the JS
>> Host object that knows a DOMString is expected, and does the JS foo
>> necessary to convert to a string?
> That's correct.  The C++ object just implements a method as declared in the
> DOM IDL; there is a glue layer responsible for coercing the arguments
> actually given to the types declared in the IDL.  This isn't just the case
> in Gecko; Webkit+JSC has similar behavior.  I'd assume that Webkit+V8 does
> as well, though I haven't looked at the code.
> -Boris

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