[whatwg] Processing image map area elements in the Circle state (section

Ashley Sheridan ash at ashleysheridan.co.uk
Thu Mar 18 12:38:13 PDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-03-18 at 19:39 +0000, Alex Bishop wrote:

> In the processing model for image maps (section, step 8 of the 
> processing instructions for area elements says that if the shape 
> attribute is in the Circle state:
> > Let x be the first number in coords, y be the second number, and r be
> > the third number.
> >
> > The shape is a circle whose center is x CSS pixels from the left edge
> > of the image and x CSS pixels from the top edge of the image, and
> > whose radius is r pixels.
> Surely "x CSS pixels from the top edge of the image" should read "y CSS 
> pixels from the top edge of the image"?
> Alex

I think the x here indicates an arbitrary number rather than units along
the y-axis.


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