[whatwg] Expanding the cite element

Edward O'Connor hober0 at gmail.com
Thu May 6 08:14:53 PDT 2010

> Is there any value in adding an "href" or "uri" or similar attribute
> to the <cite> element to indicate a location for a work (or
> information about the work) or, in the case of a URI, an indicator
> that can be used as a reference programmatically?

<cite uri> has a much worse fallback story than simply embedding a link
in <cite>.

> <p>As Ashley Crandall Amos says in <cite
> uri="http://example.com/books/crandall/linguisticmeans">Linguistic Means of
> Determining the Dates of Old English Literary Texts</cite> ... Amos also
> mentions in <cite
> uri="http://example.com/books/crandall/linguisticmeans">Linguistic
> Means</cite></p>

Consider how the above would work in legacy browsers, and then consider
how this would work in them:

<p>As Ashley Crandall Amos says in <cite><a
href="http://example.com/books/crandall/linguisticmeans">Linguistic Means of
Determining the Dates of Old English Literary Texts</a></cite> ... Amos also
mentions in <cite><a


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