[whatwg] Type Date

Markus Ernst derernst at gmx.ch
Fri May 7 04:24:11 PDT 2010

Am 07.05.2010 00:30 schrieb Schalk Neethling:
> Just to rectify any misunderstanding, I love the date picker that Opera provides and others will hopefully do in turn but, my question is that currently using type=date only provides the option of selecting a date using the date picker. In a recent talk I gave on HTML 5 the question arose that well, what if the user wants to have both options on the same field?
> My suggestion was to fall back to using a standard text input field and use JavaScript to add the date picker which will allow the user to enter the date manually if so desired. Are there any current plans to add this ability to type=date or is the fallback the best option?

If I understand your task correctly, I assume that changing the 
appearance of the date field via CSS would be the appropriate way:


Of course, this can't be done before the CSS appearance property is 
broadly supported, and the new HTML5 input types are reflected as 
possible values of this property.

Meanwhile, it might be easier to switch field types (and maybe patterns) 
via JS, than implementing a custom JS date picker.

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