[whatwg] meta="encrypt" tag is needed

Ashley Sheridan ash at ashleysheridan.co.uk
Fri May 7 10:18:14 PDT 2010

On Fri, 2010-05-07 at 17:06 +0000, Juuso Hukkanen wrote:

> answer 1:
> Most servers are already configured to read the requested pages
> before  
> submitting those over the internet.

What do you base this on? I can't say I've ever seen a server set up to
parse HTML content

> For example my above form-page has  
> a small php-script inside which the server program must notice; as
> the  
> PHP-program needs to compile the script. Client never sees the <?php  
> echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?> part but is instead shown an URL.

PHP is a server language, parsed by the PHP program not the server
software (i.e. Apache or IIS) and as such, only parse PHP code within
PHP tags, not the HTML.

> To  
> implement meta-encrypt tag would just require (on/off) configuring  
> server program to read the header of requested page and see if there  
> is a meta-encrypt tag in there the server calls a program which  
> decrypts! the client submitted data.

What you're suggesting is that web servers be set up to parse HTML
pages, or an extra server module (like PHP) to parse HTML content. Not
only would this impact on the speed of some sites, but it's likely going
to be harder to convince web hosting companies to update their web
server software than it is to convince offices to upgrade a browser (and
anyone who's ever worked in an office will know how hard it is to get
updates and new software installed)


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