[whatwg] Speech input element

Satish Sampath satish at google.com
Wed May 19 01:22:54 PDT 2010

> I don't really see how the problem is the same as with synchronous
> XMLHttpRequest. When you do a synchronous request nothing happens to the
> event loop so an alert() dialog could never happen. I think you want
> recording to continue though. Having a simple dialog stop video conferencing
> for instance would be annoying. It's only script execution that needs to be
> paused. I'm also not sure if I'd really want recording to stop while looking
> at a page in a different tab. Again, if I'm in a conference call I'm almost
> always doing tasks on the side. E.g. looking up past discussions, scrolling
> through a document we're discussing, etc.

Can you clarify how the speech input element (as described in the current
API sketch) is related to video conferencing or a conference call, since it
doesn't really stream audio to any place other than potentially a speech
recognition server and feeds the result back to the element?

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