[whatwg] Exposing framerate / statistics of <video> playback

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> Has any thought been given to exposing such metrics as framerate, how many frames are dropped, rebuffering, etc from the <video> tag? My understanding is that in the Flash player, many of these types of statistics are readily available. This is interesting for things not just like benchmarking, but for a site to determine if it is not working well for clients and should instead e.g. switch down to a lower bitrate video. 
> Hasn't been discussed AFAIK, but I'd like to see a proposal.

Here's a list of what is available in AS3 through the NetStream.info object:


For determining whether the user-agent is able to play a video, these are the most interesting properties:

 readonly attribute unsigned long bandwidth::
    The current maximum server » client bandwidth, in bits per second.

 readonly attribute unsigned long droppedframes::
    The number of frames dropped by the user agent since playback of this video was initialized.

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