[whatwg] Removal of blocking script

Juriy Zaytsev kangax.dev at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 15:40:06 PST 2010

When removing [1] a long-loading script element from a document, browsers
seem to disagree on whether such removal should affect page rendering. A
simple test — http://kangax.github.com/jstests/blocking_script_removal_test/—
shows that Opera (9.x - 11) and IE (5.5 - 9) immediately continue
the document upon element removal. However, in Firefox (3-4) and Chrome (9)
the document parsing is blocked until script is loaded or times out (even
when the actual element no longer exists in the document, has its "src"
reference an empty string, and there exist no references to it).

Does current draft explain what should happen in such case, and if it does —
what is it (I can't seem to find it)? The existing discrepancy suggests that
it's something worth codifying.

[1] Where "removing" is done through scripting (say, via Node's
`removeChild` or analogous method).


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