[whatwg] Additional onxxxx event attributes for DOM Level3 Events

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Tue Nov 30 14:58:22 PST 2010

On Mon, 16 Aug 2010, Hajime Morita wrote:
> I noticed that some events which are defined in DOM Level3 Events [1] don't have
> associated HTML attributes.
> For example, "keypress" event has associated "onkeypress" attribute.
> But "focusin" event doesn't have "onfocusin" attribute.
> Here is a list:
> * wheel event
> * textInput event
> * focusin event
> * focusout event
> * compositionstart event
> * compositionupdate event
> * compositionend event
> * DOMXxxx events
> I think these events should have associated attributes defined.
> DOM mutation events might be better to skip due to its long name and rare usage.
> But it's just a preference and not a strong opinion.

I'm happy to add new event handler attributes, but not to add them just 
based on completeness. New features are added based on either use cases 
(i.e. problems that authors or users are facing), or compatibility (i.e. 
things that browsers already do). If there are specific events for which 
event handler attributes would be useful, I encourage you to request those 
specifically, describing either the relevant use cases or citing the 
existing implementations, as appropriate.

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