[whatwg] Can we deprecate alert(), confirm(), prompt() ?

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Wed Nov 24 23:41:21 PST 2010

I'm not sure what your definition of web 2.0 is, but its not about the way something looks.

Removing those modal dialogues would be a very bad idea indeed. There are still valid uses for them, even if they have been abused in the past. Thinking your way, we ought to get rid of the ability to open new windows and display flash too.

Modal dialogues have a very special purpose, which works consistently across various browsers in that we can program in with javascript some very specific responses. What would happen if someone came to your site with a speech/Braille browser? How would they know your pretty js lib built interface was meant to be modal? You could implement a modal switch, but then you're back to where you were with the existing methods!  These modal dialogues are a whole lot more than appearances, as they have a behaviour to them that just cannot be replicated as well in as many cases as it may be required.


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Subject: [whatwg] Can we deprecate alert(), confirm(), prompt() ?
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1. Can we deprecate alert(), confirm(), prompt() ?
At present many web2.0 js libs are providing alternate [and cool
looking] methods to achieve use cases where we need to use alert(),
confirm(), prompt(). So do we need those modal dialogs any longer?

2. if we are still keeping them, can we disable them in
onbeforeunload/onunload[/onhide] etc. Many sites add extra dialogs in
those events to confuse users, so that they can trap users for little

3. also if we are keeping them, can we add an optional parameter for a
timeout milliseconds to self dismiss the modal prompt.

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