[whatwg] Suggestion for CSS-RESET property in CSS3 ((tag: css3, html5, css-reset, idea))

Narendra Sisodiya narendra at narendrasisodiya.com
Wed Oct 6 04:39:09 PDT 2010

First I will give example and my problem with HTML language.

Two days back I have was searching for Cool looking CSS based DropDrop menu.
I found a website which were having such menu. I decided to copy it. To copy
a specific module from a website is not at-all easy task. We can solve this
problem then lots of remix and reusable module will be made. Anyways, I used
firebug to search "div" which has code for menu. I extracted that HTML code.
Thanks to GOD that it was not a dynamically generated code. I download every
css files and looked for "id"s and "class"s which was their in copied code.
It was somewhat working. Finally I used firebug to make a side by side
debugging to generate exact behavior. Finally I have done it. but when I
tried to integrate it on Drupal website, It was not looking exactly same.
After some more Firebug debugging, I made some change. It was taking some
parent css properties which were not detected using ids and classes.

I think, web developed should be done modular design approach.

For example, A cool CSS button or may be JavaScripted button can have this

<div id="some id">
      <style>   blah blah blah   </style>
      <html>   blah blah blah   </html>
      <script>   blah blah blah   </script>

you can further compress all the three section into some DATA URI scheme (or
some base64 string)

Now if somebody else want to reuse the code he can use

<div id="some id" css-reset>
      <style>   blah blah blah   </style>
      <html>   blah blah blah   </html>
      <script>   blah blah blah   </script>

<div id="some id" css-reset>
      <div class='base64code"'>

css-reset property will restrict or reset CSS or JavaScript processing
inside that particular node <div/>.
It is just like a local isolated scope for integrating a module.

It is just a thought.
Also, I was thinking to create a GUI for development where anybody can
create a nice collaborate GUI for creating 'easily reusable modules'. So I
am researching on all options.


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