[whatwg] Sync/async drag-and-drop data and Blob

Daniel Cheng dcheng at google.com
Fri Oct 29 16:11:24 PDT 2010

It's come to my attention that FileReaderSync is only available on worker
threads. Since the general trend seems to be moving towards no synchronous
operations on the main thread, I'd like to propose changing getData() and
setData() to only handle the legacy types 'Text' and 'URL' for IE
compatibility. If you want to handle any other types, you must go through


On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 15:31, Daniel Cheng <dcheng at google.com> wrote:

> I've been thinking about how to extend DataTransfer to support non-text
> types, such as images or RTF. Some use cases that this would enable:
> - Copying and pasting images between Photoshop and a web-based image
> editing app such as http://canvaspaint.org/.
> - Copying a slide with inline pictures from a presentation and pasting it
> into an email without losing any of the formatting.
> Since the data might be in text or binary form, I propose adding Blob
> support to DataTransfer. The proposed additions would add the following two
> functions to DataTransfer:
> Blob getDataAsBlob(in DOMString format);
> void setDataAsBlob(in DOMString format, in Blob data);
> Callers would use it like this:
> <script>
> document.addEventListener('paste', function (event) {
>   var imageBlob = event.dataTransfer.getDataAsBlob('image/png');
>   var reader = new FileReaderSync();
>   var newImage = document.appendChild(document.createElement('img'));
>   newImage.src = reader.readAsDataURL(imageBlob);
> });
> document.addEventListener('copy', function (event) {
>   var bb = new BlobBuilder();
>   bb.append(someFunctionThatConvertsAnImageSelectionToAnArrayBuffer());
>   event.dataTransfer.setData('image/png', bb.getBlob());
> });
> </script>
> By using Blob, callers have the freedom to pick a synchronous or
> asynchronous model. For example, to avoid blocking the page, an image
> editing app might choose to read pasted image data asynchronously in a
> callback:
> <script>
> function onImageLoaded(event) {
>   // Do something with the event.target.result.
> }
> document.addEventListener('paste', function (event) {
>   var imageBlob = event.dataTransfer.getDataAsBlob('image/png');
>   var reader = new FileReader();
>   reader.onload = onImageLoaded;
>   var newImage = document.appendChild(document.createElement('img'));
>   reader.readAsDataURL(imageBlob);
> });
> </script>
> In addition, getData() and setData() could be redefined to be based on the
> two new functions:
> DataTransfer.prototype.getData = function (format) {
>   var reader = new FileReaderSync();
>   var blob = this.getDataAsBlob(format);
>   return reader.readAsText(blob);
> };
> DataTransfer.prototype.setData = function (format, data) {
>   var builder = new BlobBuilder();
>   builder.append(data);
>   this.setDataAsBlob(format, builder.getBlob());
> };
> One issue that I'm not clear how to resolve is the issue of Blob.size. In
> general, the UA won't be able to populate Blob.size without reading in all
> the data first... which defeats the point of using Blob to begin with. Since
> people may not read Blob.size very often in the context of copy-and-paste or
> drag-and-drop, maybe it's acceptable to lazily populate Blob.size only if
> people try querying its value? People who want async behavior won't truly
> get it if they query Blob.size, but I don't see another way around the
> problem.
> Daniel
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