[whatwg] File Upload Progress Event (Upload Progress)

Shiv Kumar skumar at exposureroom.com
Sun Sep 19 14:20:22 PDT 2010

I'd like to propose that UAs should surface an bytes transferred event when
a form is being submitted. With so many large files being uploaded using
browsers today and every website that allows this having had to implement
their own upload progress indicator I think the Html 5 spec should support
this very common need.


In Flash player, the FileReference object surfaces multiple events such as





Upload Complete - makes available the response from the web server, which
could be displayed to the end user


The progress event provides bytesLoaded and bytesTotal and with this
information one can do the following:

1.       Show the user how much time before the file is uploaded completely
(in some cases it takes them 7-8 hours to upload afile)

2.       Using this information we can also calculate the rate of transfer
(upload speed).


Ideally UA should:

1.       Show the upload progress along with the estimated time left and
upload speed. If this is provided at a control the site developers can place
this control and skin it they way they'd like to, or the statu bar of the
browser should show this information.

2.       Allow for filtering the types of files a user can select by
providing a semicolon delimited list of file extensions such as
"*.wmv;*.mp4;*.mov" etc.


At a minimum, I think they should provide a Progress event and
UploadCompleted event.






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