[whatwg] Html 5 video element's poster attribute

Roger Hågensen rescator at emsai.net
Sun Sep 19 23:17:45 PDT 2010

  On 2010-09-20 05:27, Chris Pearce wrote:
> Right, so you want to be able to toggle the poster back on (when the 
> media is paused or ended) but after playback has started.
> I wonder if these are separate use cases, e.g. whether users would 
> want to display a different image from the poster image in these 
> cases. i.e. I wonder if we need to provide an attribute to specify an 
> image to display when paused and another new attribute for an image to 
> display when playback has ended. I wonder if that's overkill through.

No no no! Read my previous post why a "paused poster" is bad idea unless 
done exactly as I suggested there.
A "paused poster" should under no circumstance "steal" the paused frame, 
the user may actually want to look closer at the pause frame, if a 
"paused poster" force itself to be displayed the user will be pretty 
pissed. (I certainly would be)
The video streaming service Voddler is an annoying example of this, 
pause the movie in their player and an ad is shown, although I 
understand why they wish to show an ad, it does makes it impossible to 
pause and look at the still frame of the video.

Roger "Rescator" Hågensen.
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