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I’ve explained earlier that that’s not a solution. In case where we allow users to switch versions of video in mid step that is while the viewer is watch a video of say medium quality and wants to switch to the HD version, today they can seamlessly switch (without having to start from the beginning). We use the load method to do what it does today to do that.


Of course we wouldn’t want the user to see the poster during the time it takes to switch so we clear value of the poster before doing this, which is one of the issues cited in my very first post on this subject.


In my mind, “load()” does not imply that the poster should also show. The video stream and poster are quite frankly independent of each other. One is a video stream and the other is an image.


The other aspect is that the url to the video changes frequently (in order to prevent bandwidth stealing and such). Using load could impact this delicate balance as well.


I fail to see why we can’t simply have a way to turn on the poster without impacting anything else, especially as it pertains to the video stream. The poster and the video are separate and should remain so.



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I think that would be the easiest way to satisfy this requirement. We don't throw away the cached data if load() reloads the same resource and the resource hasn't changed, I assume?


Gecko currently does, actually. We should probably fix that.

Assuming we fix that, I think calling "load()" to reset the resource and get back to the "show poster" state is a fine solution to the "show poster at end of video" problem.

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