[whatwg] Html 5 video element's poster attribute

Robert O'Callahan robert at ocallahan.org
Mon Sep 20 19:37:37 PDT 2010

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 10:31 PM, Shiv Kumar <skumar at exposureroom.com>wrote:

>  Rob,
> >I don't see why providing a scriptable API to hide the poster image is
> better than just having authors use existing APIs to clear the poster
> attribute.
> What is the existing API to clear and show the poster?


As it stands today, the poster is not usable (probably because as you state
> it has not been designed to be independent). Every website that has
> implemented their own Html 5 video player have had to hack their way to get
> things to work the way they’d expect. I explained this part in my first
> post. Basically ,what they do is assign the poster and not the source. Then
> when the user clicks play, they assign the source. Then each time the user
> skips ahead, they need to null out the poster attribute (otherwise in some
> browsers the poster flashes during buffering periods) and then set the
> currentTime to skip ahead. Now if you want to change the source of the video
> in mid play to a better or lower quality version of the same video then you
> have to go through a few more hoops (and the load() method is used at this
> time – but you don’t want the poster to show either).
> I think we have a consensus on the need to change the way the poster
> behaves.
> 1.       The poster should remain visible till the video is played.
> 2.       Once the video has been played, the poster should not show during
> buffering  or skipping ahead or any other action.

I agree with all that. Firefox already does what you want there.

 The only thing that remains then is if web developers would like control
> over the poster, such as to show the poster after the video has ended, then
> there should be a way to do that. For this we need a method to show the
> poster once again. Current there is no way to get the poster to show again
> and the load() method is not the answer, nor is resetting. A simple method
> that does not impact anything else will do the trick.

I am trying to understand why load() is not an adequate answer.

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