[whatwg] Application Cache (Corrections)

Edward Gerhold edward.gerhold at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 12 22:31:35 PDT 2011

Dear Working Group and Subscribers,

i would like to correct myself a little, because i´d been a bit more OT than
i wanted to.
First of all, you could get me wrong, understanding the cache. I could even
cache more pages of my Joomla! with the current.
The problem is:

Cached once, the files are NEVER being updated again, except the manifest
changes a byte.
For that, the "modify" function is doing the job. I should better call it
 "update" function, to point onto the current terms used.

You couldn´t read that in my last mail anyways, so you could assume a
misunderstanding of the cache on my side.

Second thing, the rename of the URLs, or better a local and a network
identifier is neccessary. It would be good, if the
user agent could care for local identifiers, too. The programmer would
sometimes have to give the page a new name to
prevent overwriting another file (with access to the cache, maybe even dupe
names but other array positions work?).

Last -
The fourth point should be removed from my suggestion.
The caching of the whole request, answer, the two HTTP headers + data sent
and received, came when writing the mail.
With that i messed the whole content of my suggestion up.
I think the request data, the http headers are not so important, because the
MIME type IS already cached and there are no
more very important informations. I bet you laughed. Otherwise, the whole
request is cool, but that messed the mail up.

I´ll try to write the "update files in the cache" problem, "how to cache a
content manager" and the interfaces (but in webidl)
down next. I´ve got the IDL printed for a while and took it with me in the
subways some time ago, i should get that working.
Hope you can make the cache a bigger -BETTER- component in H5.

With friendly regards

Edward Gerhold

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