[whatwg] Application Cache, Application Cache, Application Cache

Edward Gerhold edward.gerhold at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 16 14:14:02 PDT 2011

Dear Working Group and Subscribers,

I came to the conclusion, the cache is linked too tightly to the manifest.
The cache is good how it is as long as it isn´t developed for dynamic
websites and caches. The manifest should only be the basis of the cached
site, and the programmatic addition and removal of the pages should expand
or shrink the array of files. This is how the story goes so far. I am
working on my draft or am not working on and try to imagine and formulate
the steps of each element i suggest.

*Another thing which i would like to introduce together with the better api
is the "Expiration of the Cache".* Like i already knew, there have some
passages of the original to be changed. I don´t think, that i want to setup
a v2.0 or a module for the cache, no, i want to change the original to use
all functions. I think an expiration of cached files should be introduced
together with the dynamic application cache.

The local identifier, i suggested, i think, i´ll add it, but leave the
handling of it blank. Means, the programmer has the possibility to give
local identifiers, but has to handle it alone. If i come to that
chapter and find out, how the user agent should treat it, i´ll write it
down. But so far, i´d like to leave the string empty, for the obvious cases,
that a website uses index.php for all files. The
application programmer adding the cache functions should be able to make use
of the local ids to retrieve the files. And here is the case, where the user
agent should call the right page in the cache, if the local identifier is
referred. Ok.

Well, this was about, you could overread it, the introduction of the
expiration date of cached files should be made together with the
programmatic access to the cache. It will be useful to let
certain files expired then. And, i can´t cite the original, i would like to
end with my first words, i think, the cache is bound to tightly to the
manifest at the moment.

I think the day about it, but can only do something in the evening, with the
mail, i keep you notified meanwhile. Means not, that i tell you much more.
If i don´t write to you in the next days, it will be a good sign, getting
the work done. :-) I hope i haven´t taken my mouth to full, hehe, but it´s

With friendly regards

Edward Gerhold

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