[whatwg] AppCache

Edward Gerhold edward.gerhold at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 19 00:35:00 PDT 2011

Dear Group and Readers,

i guess it´s best to add a small chapter. With a paragraph for the "CACHE
MANIFEST NOMASTER" token and a clause  to accept the URL in the NETWORK
The reason was, that i could cache Joomla! so far, that i can load css,
scripts, images from disk and the rest from the network. Joomla! has a lot
of files, and the
loading time is big. Not caching the master solves this almost.
The other thing is, to change not the original too much and to let it almost
as it is, is to write _a new chapter for the cache object holder_. The list
holding the urls and pointers to the cache files. Here i can arrange the
data fields needed and the interface additions for iterating and modifying
the array.
This makes web application caches more programmable, considering existing
apps, and giving much more possibilities to use the cache. E.g. generated
content which can be cached easily.

When reading the original i think about it seeing it complete and ask myself
for the sense of changing it, it´s ok without caching a Joomla! or
Wordpress, just for writing cool applications from scratch, but on the other
side i think programmers will soon make use of the new features. The only
thing, because so many tutorials would have to be written new, leave the
functionality it has, like it is.

Adding a chapter for the cache object holder, letting the fields and
attribute functions and events appear, seems to be a possibilty to write it.
Adding the whitelisting the master topic into the original is the only
change which should really be made. For that some other clauses may
obsolete, but it wouldn´t change the world...:-)) the current applications,
browsers or tutorials. In the other subsection for the array, there are the
informations for the browser programmers, how to style the cache array and
some new functions for javascript.

With friendly regards
Edward Gerhold

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