[whatwg] Cache

Edward Gerhold edward.gerhold at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 19 12:14:59 PDT 2011

Dear Group and Readers,

writing a subsection "Whitelisting the master entry", would allow me
to remove any "The master file is always cached"-like clauses, i think i´ve
read before.
The browser programmers will have followed these steps and so originally the
master file had always been cached. Logically if you think about it.

The other subsection on a higher level is "The application cache lists", a
chapter _about the container_ keeping the media. I dunno if there is one
list, or three lists, for each section one, or what is read by the browser
programmers, when they wrote the cache. For that, i think i have to pull out
another ace.

I am gonna look at the browser source codes, to see, what kind of structures
they used for the application cache entries and lists. There i´ll learn, how
they connected the javascript commands to the class operations in the c++
code. I think i´ll start with chrome, because i have a recent copy of
chromiums sources.

With the knowledge from that side, i should could create a good explanation
of what to add to the containers and how to connect the new operations for
the javascript api. The add to remove, iterator functions and the cool new
events which allow to code plugins changing the cache contents. The stuff
i´ve written about.

That makes sense, a container section, or? I won´t change the existing thing
in any way, but extend the programmed container with the function. Like in
my first mail, but in this form in the specification document. I think the
lists for the cache are explained, but how the browsers implemented it, i
have to look after. The new chapter would exactly speak about the container
and how the media is dynamically managed by the web application. There are
attributes (let ...) and functions (step by step).

I still am not shure if i will renumber the last sections or whatever. Sorry
for my lameness to take a few more days. Until then

With friendly regards
Edward Gerhold

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