[whatwg] Can we make checkboxes readonly?

Jesper Gustin jesperg at opera.com
Thu Apr 7 02:44:20 PDT 2011

Den 2011-04-06 22:45:36 skrev Tab Atkins Jr. <jackalmage at gmail.com>:

> Currently, the spec disallows checkboxes from being made readonly.  Is
> there some good reason for this?  If not, can we change it?
> Checkboxes being readonly would be useful for the same reasons that
> text inputs being readonly is.
> Radio buttons can't be readonly either, but they have the obvious
> complication of being multiple elements.  We could define behavior for
> them, of course.  One option is to take the @required route, and say
> that if one radio button in a group is readonly, they all are.  We
> could alternately say that a radio button being readonly means that
> that specific input can't have its checkedness changed - if it's
> currently unchecked, clicking on it won't check it; if it's currently
> checked, clicking on a mutable radio button from the same group
> wouldn't change the checkedness of either input.
> ~TJ

These are very good points, which many web developers that has been
handling forms probably have torn their hairs about for a long time.
Time to do something about it ;)

Thank you for bringing it up :)

Jesper Gustin
QA, Linux Devices SDK
Opera Software

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