[whatwg] Styling <details>

Jukka K. Korpela jkorpela at cs.tut.fi
Fri Apr 8 12:30:43 PDT 2011

Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:

> <details> is definitely something we want to make fully
> author-stylable.

I don’t. Who’s this ”we” you are talking about, and why do they want to make 
<details> author-stylable even before a single browser has _any_ support to 
the element, at the functional level?

>> Why should we use list-style-type for something that clearly ain’t
>> no list?
> Because it appears that the disclosure triangle wants to have the same
> behavior that ::marker does.

Does it? Why do you imply the visual concept of a ”disclosure triangle”, and 
how does that relate to the behavior proposed for ”::marker” in some draft?

> Don't be misled by the name - all that
> list-style-type does is help construct the default value for 'content'
> on ::marker.  It has nothing to do with things that are semantically
> lists, per se.

I know that many CSS property names are misleading. But list-style-type, as 
defined in published CSS recommendations, isn’t bound to any ”::marker”.

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