[whatwg] How to handle multitrack media resources in HTML

David Dailey ddailey at zoominternet.net
Wed Apr 20 17:31:04 PDT 2011

Silvia Pfeiffer and Ian Hickson exchanged:

>> Yes, and the same (lack of definition) goes for javascript manipulation. 
>> It'd be great if we had the tools for manipulating video and audio 
>> tracks (extract/insert frames, move audio snippets around). It would 
>> make A/V editing - or more creative uses - really easy in HTML5.

>That's a use case we should investigate in due course, but I think it's 
>probably a bit early to go there.

When we do get around to it, it would be nice, as well, to be able to create
sounds (as from wave forms) from scratch, in the browser.


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