[whatwg] Video- and audio-controls without scripting

Ashley Sheridan ash at ashleysheridan.co.uk
Sun Aug 14 01:55:24 PDT 2011

Timo Beermann <timo.beermann at googlemail.com> wrote:

>The new video- and audio-tag are great, but the controls (play/pause,
>skip forward, skip back, volume, progress bar, time) should be
>possible without scripting. Some standard-controls that also can be
>modified with CSS. Because some users deactivate Scripting (for
>security or whatever other reason) and on other computers (school,
>university, work,...) you are not able to change the settings, even if
>you want to. E.g. I use NoScript and only allow scripting on very few
>trusted sites, that really need it.
>Timo Beermann

There are controls available without using javascript. Just add the 'controls' attribute to the audio or video tag. The scriptable elements just allow you to create custom controls that can have further actions, or look and behave slightly differently. The controls and appearance of them is dependant on the browser and platform in use, but generally there are the basic play/pause, stop, forward & backward buttons, a seek bar and a volume control.

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