[whatwg] Checkboxes that control other checkboxes

Randy randy at prowebdesign.nl
Sun Aug 14 02:53:20 PDT 2011

You do understand that in general HTML en CSS are used for structure and presentation, whereas Javascript adds (automated) behavior?

When sites authors add Javascript functionality, it should be unobtrusive and should only add functionality to make things easier. For web applications (or simply for websites) you can decide to provide functionality that completely relies on javascript.

Your description clearly describes behavior and should stay in JS. Can you provide a real world use-case where this functionality is absolutely needed, so it should still work without JS?


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It should be able to implemet checkboxes, where by only
activating/deactivating this single checkbox you can active/deactivate
multiple other checkboxes. That is possible with scripting today, but
it should be possible without scripting, only with HTML/CSS. Because
some users deactivate Scripting (for security or whatever other
reason) and on other computers (school, university, work,...) you are
not able to change the settings, even if you want to. E.g. I use
NoScript and only allow scripting on very few trusted sites, that
really need it.

Timo Beermann

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