[whatwg] Search-suggestions without scripting

Aryeh Gregor ayg at aryeh.name
Wed Aug 17 15:15:45 PDT 2011

On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 4:12 AM, Alexandre Morgaut
<Alexandre.Morgaut at 4d.com> wrote:
> I like the idea of a declarative way to support autosuggestions
> OpenSearch already made a successful specification supported by most browsers
> http://www.opensearch.org/Specifications/OpenSearch/1.1

That's an interesting point.  There's no reason that autosuggest for
browser URL bars and search inputs has to be any different.  Given
that all the infrastructure here is already present, a new attribute
like suggestions="http://path/to/opensearch" would be all that's
needed.  It would be relatively easy for browsers to implement, and
trivial for webpages to use if they're already using OpenSearch.  I
don't think this has to be related to <datalist> -- just have a new
attribute on <input>.

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