[whatwg] Search-suggestions without scripting

Timo Beermann timo.beermann at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 18 03:34:46 PDT 2011

What I mean is a new possibility (not the datalist-item) where a
search-field sends every typed or deleted character to the server
(like a HTTP-Request, but another way) and the server sends the
appropiate results to the client. Similar to JavaScript, but without
scripting, just a HTML-Tag. (Of course the datalist wouldn't work for
Google, Wikipedia,...)

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2011/8/18 Alexandre Morgaut <Alexandre.Morgaut at 4d.com>:
> On 18 août 2011, at 00:15, Aryeh Gregor wrote:
>> That's an interesting point.  There's no reason that autosuggest for
>> browser URL bars and search inputs has to be any different.  Given
>> that all the infrastructure here is already present, a new attribute
>> like suggestions="http://path/to/opensearch" would be all that's
>> needed.  It would be relatively easy for browsers to implement, and
>> trivial for webpages to use if they're already using OpenSearch.  I
>> don't think this has to be related to <datalist> -- just have a new
>> attribute on <input>.
> Just take care that:
> - The main difference between the autosuggest in HTML forms and autosuggest in search bar is that for a search bar, the value associated to the label is always an url.
>        -> for HTML forms, the result set should not be returned as a list of <link> element like in some OpenSearch result sets. Using <option> elements look more appropriate.
> - Using a datalist element is helpful because several <input> elements can then refer to the same value list (like for "home city" and "office city")
>  - We may need to add an asynchronous API to be also able to manipulate the list of options via JavaScript
> But yes, without maybe the last point, it should be quite simple to implement.
> Another point: the code managing autosuggestion in search bars is not running in a document context, and don't need currently to take care of Cross-Origin policy... Just a bit of more work to do ;-)
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