[whatwg] <video preload> implementation feedback

Philip Jägenstedt philipj at opera.com
Thu Aug 18 07:34:56 PDT 2011

On Thu, 18 Aug 2011 05:36:42 +0200, Bjartur Thorlacius  
<svartman95 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Þann mið 17.ágú 2011 15:44, skrifaði Philip Jägenstedt:
>> I'd very much like to see feedback from other implementors. Are you
>> happy with treating autoplay and preload as "just hints" as in [4] or do
>> you think that we should specify them in greater detail? (This does not
>> preclude having user preferences to override the standardized defaults.)
> If an UA may ignore them, than them being honored can't be relied upon -  
> rendering the default configuration a question of implementation (i.e.  
> providing sane defaults for the user agent's target user base) but not  
> of interoperability.

This is true, but as long as a few big browsers implement e.g.  
preload="none" in a somewhat compatible way, it's hard to imagine page  
authors not coming to depend on that behavior so that it becomes required  
for web compat. It would be interesting to know if there are  
counter-examples, any script-visible behavior that is allowed to vary  
greatly between implementations without causing scripts to break.

Philip Jägenstedt
Core Developer
Opera Software

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