[whatwg] Proposal: "device-type" Media Query

Brian irishb at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 10:05:21 PST 2011

This would be my first foray into mailing lists, so if I'm "doing it
wrong", allow me to apologize.

With all of the attention being given to responsive design approaches, I
could not help but wonder what will happen in as little as a few years.
Smartphones will likely have resolutions that will either rival or
supersede present-day laptop resolutions, so our approach of detecting
screen resolution and/or pixel density will be useless as a means to detect
form factor. What we need in a media query is the ability to detect a true
form factor, a "device-type" if you will, something along the lines of the
"handheld" query of HTML4 lore.

I imagine something akin to: <link rel="stylesheet" media="handheld,
tablet" src="style.css">

Brian Irish

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