[whatwg] navigation shouldn't abort if canceled

Mike Wilson mikewse at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 1 11:07:21 PST 2011

No comments so far on this issue so I'll describe it a bit more.
Consequences of the current text are that resource fetches are
canceled for a document when navigating away from it, even if
the user then chooses to cancel the navigation at a 
"beforeunload" prompt and returns to the document.

Best regards
Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson wrote on December 26, 2010:
> http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/#navigating-
> across-documents
> (as of December 26, 2010)
> | When a browsing context is navigated to a new resource, the 
> | user agent must run the following steps:
> ...
> | 9.  Abort the active document of the browsing context.
> ...
> | 11. Prompt to unload the Document object. If the user refused 
> |     to allow the document to be unloaded, then these steps 
> |     must be aborted.
> Might this be a bug? (It seems more consistent with other
> parts of the html5 spec, and with browsers, to do the abort 
> after the user has allowed the document to unload.)
> Best regards
> Mike Wilson

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