[whatwg] SharedWorkers and "document discarded"

Drew Wilson atwilson at google.com
Wed Feb 9 14:30:30 PST 2011

Hi all,

Jonas brought up an interesting point regarding SharedWorkers in an
unrelated thread that I wanted to clarify here.

His contention is that the current SharedWorker spec specifies that the
lifecycle of a SharedWorker is currently tied to the GC behavior of the
underlying VM - specifically, that a SharedWorker is shutdown after its last
parent document has been GC'd.

The relevant spec language is (from

Whenever a Document d is added to the worker's Documents, the user agent
must, for each worker in the list of the worker's
list of the worker's
not contain d, add dto q's WorkerGlobalScope owner's list of the worker's

Whenever a Document object is discarded, it must be removed from the list
of the worker's
each worker whose list contains that Document.
So I'm not an expert on Document lifecycles, so I don't entirely understand
under which circumstances the spec requires that a Document object be
"discarded". For example, if I have a top level window with a child iframe,
and that child iframe creates a SharedWorker, then reloads itself or
navigates, could that cause the original document to be discarded/suspended,
or does this depend on GC (whether script in the top level window maintains
a reference to the document javascript object)?

My understanding from previous discussions was that the only thing impacting
whether a document is discarded is whether the UA decided to keep it
suspended in the history cache - can javascript-level references also
prevent a document from being discarded?


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