[whatwg] Thanks --- HTML5 and frame accuracy

Dirk-Willem van Gulik Dirk-Willem.van.Gulik at bbc.co.uk
Mon Feb 21 03:59:00 PST 2011


May I interrupt the programme with a very large THANK YOU ! 

While you folks well consider this a trivial thing - having Frame Accurate Time Codes is almost a seminal event for us here in professional broadcasting. For us - this is a serious game changer. With frame accurate time codes* you can suddenly (and for the first time!) start considering professional use. Consider the internet as a place to (collaboratively) author professional video - rather than just consume in low resolution. We just put up a:


largely as a thank you to all the folks in the wider what-wg communities who came together to get frame-accuracy fixed. Credit go to the open standards and open source communities around Webkit, Chrome and Mozilla which made it happen: Andrew Scherkus and the Chromium team get credit for being the first to understand the significance. The actual fixes where ultimately created by Jer Noble, Eric Carlson (both at Apple) and Chrome developer Andrew Scherkus; while Matthew Gregan and Anthony Hughes did the job for Mozilla. And IE9 is not far behind - MS let us know that we "can expect the video-frame-accurate seeking be available when IE9 is final".

So guys - really - thanks, big thanks! Apologies for the interruption - I'll let you go back to your scheduled programming.

Dirk-Willem van Gulik, Chief Technical Architect, BBC FM&T, EBX405 TVC, Wood Lane, London. W12 7RJ, London

*: well - ideally a lot better than frame-accurate - as audio is needs reliable milliseconds.

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