[whatwg] Idea for having InputXML Or ClickXML for HTML5+

Narendra Sisodiya narendra at narendrasisodiya.com
Mon Feb 28 22:05:44 PST 2011

We can record mouse and keyboard activity in xml. There are many events
which are resolution independent.
for example mouse clicks, button press events . Now suppose you are dealing
with some animation or game or just a slideshow. what you do ? you type some
buttons from mouse or keyboard. Now if you can record the timeline of these
events then we can play back at anytime.
The idea is very interesting for having automated slideshows ..

            <click input="mouse" button="left" time="30" x="30"
            <click input="mouse" button="left" time="60" x="70"
            <click input="mouse" button="left" time="130" x="30"
            <click input="keyboard" button="->" time="340"></click>
            <click input="keyboard" button="<-" time="630"></click>
            <click input="keyboard" button="Ctrlz+Z" time="980"></click>

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