[whatwg] navigation shouldn't abort if canceled

Ashley Sheridan ash at ashleysheridan.co.uk
Wed Feb 2 12:41:28 PST 2011

"Boris Zbarsky" <bzbarsky at MIT.EDU> wrote:

>On 2/2/11 3:22 PM, Michael Nordman wrote:
>> That does sound like a bug? I'd be curious to know what the reasoning
>> was for the existing sequence of steps.
> From what I can tell, current browser behavior.
>> Step 10 looks out of place too...
>> "10. If the new resource is to be handled using a mechanism that does
>> not affect the browsing context, e.g. ignoring the navigation request
>> altogether because the specified scheme is not one of the supported
>> protocols, then abort these steps and proceed with that mechanism
>> instead."
>> Aborting the active document sounds like an undesirable side affect
>> the browsing context for mailto links.
>I suspect that again this is current browser behavior.
>Note that in some cases mailto: links will load a web page (and thus 
>abort the document they were in).  So it may be worthwhile to have them
>always abort it, for consistency.

For the links to open a new web page that would actually be handled by an external app. I remember a few years back when Yahoo! Messenger came with such an app that set itself up as your default mail program and opened a new window. It would be obvious it was a separate app if you clicked on the mailto link on a secondary browser that wasn't the system default.

I don't know if webmail clients handle things differently. Does this behaviour ever happen without the help of an external app or a plugin?

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