[whatwg] Control over selection direction

Tim Down timdown at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 04:00:11 PST 2011

On 4 February 2011 11:07, Marijn Haverbeke <marijnh at gmail.com> wrote:
> See below for a revised proposal, based on the discussion here. To
> move this forward, I understand I must get some people to implement
> it. I'll probably eventually get to submitting a Firefox patch. If
> anyone reading this list knows the people who'd be able to make this
> happen on other browsers, please point them at it.
> -----
> element.selectionDirection [= value]
> Returns either "forward" or "backward", indicating which side of the
> selection is anchored. For "forward" it is the top, for "backward" the
> bottom.
> Can be set to one of these strings to change the side of the selection
> that counts as the anchor.
> [...]
> The selectionDirection attribute must, on getting, return one of the
> strings "forward" or "backward". "backward" is returned when the anchor, the
> fixed end, of the selection lies after the base, the movable end.
> "forward" is returned in all other cases.
> When set to "forward" when its current value is "backward", or set to
> "backward" when its current value is "forward", it must flip the roles of
> the ends of the selection, so that what used to be the anchor now
> becomes the base. When set to any other value, this is ignored.

I still prefer a Boolean (and therefore a change of name to
selectionBackwards or similar). I see no gain from using a string.
Otherwise, this seems like the best solution.


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