[whatwg] ArrayBuffer and the structured clone algorithm

Cameron McCormack cam at mcc.id.au
Fri Feb 4 14:43:06 PST 2011

Anne van Kesteren:
> > ImageData.data you mean? I wonder if we can still remove
> > CanvasPixelArray.

Tab Atkins Jr.:
> Only if the out-of-bounds behavior for entries in Typed Arrays matches
> the current clamping behavior for CanvasPixelArray.  I don't see any
> explicit indication of what should be done in the Typed Array spec,
> which I suppose means that they're relying on WebIDL's coercion algos
> to keep things in-range for the given view.  WebIDL has the wrong
> behavior here right now (it wraps), though I think heycan is receptive
> to changing it.

This is http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=10930.

Kenneth Russell:
> For this reason I think we need to keep CanvasPixelArray distinct. I
> certainly hope that Web IDL does not change its conversion rules to
> mimic the clamping behavior in CanvasPixelArray. Right now Web IDL
> delegates to the ECMA-262 specification for primitive conversions,
> which have the wrapping behavior of C-style casts rather than clamping
> behavior. Forcing clamping for out-of-range integer values would
> impose a significant negative performance constraint on typed arrays.

So it seems at this stage CanvasPixelArray definitely needs to have the
clamping behaviour.

If people have opinions on whether all JS Number → IDL integer type
conversions should clamp or wrap, or whether Web IDL should just have an
annotation to indicate what kind of conversion is used, please comment
in the bug.



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