[whatwg] clarification for data-uris in window.open and SOP

Andreas Göbel andreas.goebel at typeofnan.com
Tue Feb 8 15:01:41 PST 2011

Am 08.02.2011 um 23:49 schrieb Diego Perini:

> On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 10:38 PM, Andreas Göbel
> <andreas.goebel at typeofnan.com> wrote:
>> Recently I needed to have some base64 encoded images to show in a new window. My first attempt was, to just pass the data:image/png;base64,<data> string as first argument from window.open().
>> This works in all browsers that support data-uris, but it is terribly slowing down the browser when passing in images with a "big" filesize. My idea was to do something like this:
>> var largeprev = window.open('data:text/html;charset=utf-8,' + escape('<div/>'), 'large'),
>>    that      = this;
>>    largeprev.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(e) {
>>        largeprev.alert('loaded');
>>        largeprev.document.querySelectorAll('div')[0].appendChild(that);
>>    }, false);
>> this works great in Firefox (3.6.x), but Chrome and Safari treat the returned DOMWindow object like it represents a foreign domain. Technically, it is not the same domain obviously since I'm passing in a data:text/html data-uri, but I would be shocked if the Same Origin Policy would deny an attempt like this ?
>> What should be the correct behavior for this ?
>> --Andy
> If I recall correctly "data:" and "javascript:" resources should
> inherit the "document.domain" from the environment in which they were
> encountered. So there should be no SOP blocking in accessing these
> resources.
> I have had bad experience with Chrome too with the "data:" URI. You
> can try to start the Chrome application using the
> "--allow-file-access-from-files" command line switch and see if this
> solves your problem.
> Some of the things that can be done in all other browsers need that
> special startup switch to enable the same behavior in Chrome.
> --
> Diego

Well it's not an option for me to use a browser setting / commandline argument to make this work. The only way I'm aware of
is to use document.write() like

        var virtualdom = '<html><body><img src="' + '...' + '"/></body></html>',
            prev       = window.open('', 'large');


in order to make this work. But I don't really like the approach. I think the behavior from Firefox is pretty correct (not to apply the SOP).

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