[whatwg] Javascript: URLs as element attributes

Charles Pritchard chuck at jumis.com
Fri Feb 11 14:20:23 PST 2011

On 2/10/2011 12:09 PM, whatwg-request at lists.whatwg.org wrote:
> Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011 13:43:11 -0500
> From: Boris Zbarsky<bzbarsky at MIT.EDU>
> To: Adam Barth<w3c at adambarth.com>
> On 2/10/11 1:38 PM, Adam Barth wrote:
>> >  The connection is that these features are unlikely to get implemented
>> >  in WebKit anytime soon.  To the extent that we want the spec to
>> >  reflect interoperable behavior across browsers, speccing things that
>> >  aren't (and aren't likely to become) interoperable is a net loss.
> That's fine; I just think that if you mean "Don't specify this because
> we don't want to implement it and will refuse to do so" you should just
> say that instead of making it sound like there are unspecified security
> issues with the proposal.

It's more often your group that makes a stand with merit-less refusals.
See devicePixelRatio and CSS scrollbar styling for an example of that.

So, sure, I can see why you'd assume other groups would do the same.


Would you be willing to dig up the bug report on webkit that documented 
your attempts
to satisfy javascript: urls in embedding?

I did a little bit of poking around, but didn't find it.

I agree that data-uris are much easier/preferable, but I'd still like to 
see where the conversation went
on the webkit dev list and/or bug list.


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