[whatwg] Onpopstate is Flawed

Justin Lebar justin.lebar at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 17:00:47 PST 2011

> The problem with option B is that pages can't display correctly until
> the load event fires, which can be quite late in the game what with
> slow loading images and ads. It means that if you're on a page which
> uses state, and reload the page, you'll first see the page in a
> state-less mode while it's loading, and at some point later (generally
> when the last image finishes loading) it'll "snap" to be in the state
> it was when you pressed reload.
> You'll get the same behavior going back to a state-using page which
> has been kicked out of the fast-cache.

But isn't this problem orthogonal to option B?  That is, we could
still add the DOM property to address this concern, right?

But at least with option B, one can write a correct page without
reading that property -- that is, pages won't have to change in order
to be as fast and correct as they currently are.


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