[whatwg] Device element and the lifetime of the stream objects

timeless timeless at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 14:44:06 PST 2011

2011/2/15 Leandro Graciá Gil <leandrogracia at chromium.org>:
> Given the above case, we don't think that the lifetime of the Stream objects
> should be controlled exclusively by the Web application. We think that the
> specification should state "the UA must allow the user to explicitly revoke
> access". The API should then be then extended with a way to handle
> gracefully the situation when access is revoked in the middle of a streaming
> session.
> All feedback will be greatly appreciated.

As long as UAs can replace the stream with a stream of compressed
solid black, i'm happy. I believe such a stream could probably have
very few frames (hopefully 2?).

With regard to being able to resume the stream, I think that's
something UAs could do w/o involving web apps.

For the case where the web app wants to turn off the stream, it's ok
to let the app ask to turn the stream back on, but otherwise, I don't
think I want a web app to be able to bother the user if the user has
chosen to turn mute the stream.

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