[whatwg] Proposal for separating script downloads and execution

Glenn Maynard glenn at zewt.org
Thu Feb 17 13:15:18 PST 2011

Boris: The "2.0" preload proposal--not 2.1--avoids the preload issues
you're worried about, right?  With that version, only script nodes in
the DOM  tree are loaded.

Another issue: with the preload-when-not-in-DOM model, it's impossible
to listen for all script events by capturing them.  To do that, you'd
have to insert the node into the DOM, but inserting it into the DOM
implies the script will be executed.  This is a major break in event
behavior.  (It's worse than with images, since with images you can
just put them in a hidden container in the document.)

Glenn Maynard

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