[whatwg] Websockets Client API

Anthony Papillion anthonyp at adcl.us
Sun Feb 20 16:28:09 PST 2011

Forgive me if I'm overlooking something here but couldn't the same thing
be accomplished by wrapping the constructor code in a try/catch block?


On 02/20/2011 04:09 PM, Bruce Atherton wrote:
> I know that the IETF HyBi WG is defining the Websockets protocol, but I
> believe that the definition of the browser API is still done through
> HTML5. If I am wrong, please let me know.
> I've been reading through http://dev.w3.org/html5/websockets/ in an
> effort to define a similar client interface for my Websockets library. I
> am a bit stuck on how a connection is established, though.
> According to the spec, establishing a connection is done through the
> Websocket object constructor  on a background thread. This results in
> the possibility that a connection could fire its open, error, and/or
> close events before the user can set a handler for these events. For the
> open and close events one could recover based on the ReadyState of the
> object, albeit with additional complexity for every newly opened
> Websocket connection, but any error events would be lost forever.
> Is there a reason not to have a separate open() call? This could be done
> in the same asynchronous manner as described in Step 7 of the Websocket
> constructor. The only difference would be that the user gets the
> opportunity to fully configure the Websocket object before it is used to
> establish a connection.

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