[whatwg] wrapper element

ddailey ddailey at zoominternet.net
Sun Feb 27 16:40:15 PST 2011

Why not borrow the <g> from SVG (meaning "to group together" -- the 
semantics may be a bit more accessible in some cross-linguistic sense than 
<wrap>, particularly because of the silent "w" in "wrap" which throws a lot 
of folks for a loop)?

<g> has very rich semantic connotations inherited from MacDraw, circa 1983, 
but the distinction between denotative and connotative semantics within 
HTML5 isn't altogether clear to me. Maybe it is clear in someone's brain.

The distinction between <span> and <div> isn't all that obvious since we 
have CSS N.x waiting in the wings to override whatever behavioral semantics 
we might offer from script and markup, so perhaps a study of parentheses is 
in order. My first study of parentheses in the 1970's suggested there were 
at least twelve different kinds, including all the obvious mathematical 

Why might you wish to group things? If the grouping is presentational, then 
that would be one obvious category; if it is semantic, then that would be 
another, at least according to the zeitgeist.

Given that SVG and HTML are now interminglable in the same document, why not 
start intermingling their tag definitions?

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> Tiis may seem somewhat silly, every front-end developer have ever used a a
> wrapper div, shouldn't it be more semantic to have a wrapper element?

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